Altrove is a photographic symphony, an artistic dialogue between the work of Dario Pellegrino (Italian, 1989) and Fernanda Zgouridi (Brazilian, 1975), both using photography not to depict reality, but to create imaginary worlds.

The exhibition is the result of the research of the two artists, who challenge the observer through images poised between reality and fiction, where what you see may not be what it is.

The sea becomes the object of lost memories and impossible visions, in a construction of another world, made of real landscapes yet inexistent, inhabited by a flora as natural as impossible: a journey where the dream mechanisms are set in motion to create an unreal reality, and yet so vivid.

Both artists depart from manipulating and photographing real objects, one collecting and composing natural and artificial seatide's waste on the beach where he spent his childhood, wondering how fictional our memories are and how blurred is the line between natural and un-natural, and the other manipulating sheets of paper to create ethereal landscapes, questioning the capacity of a simple horizontal line to take the observer somewhere else.

The personal worlds of the two artists gain force and lead anyone in a place where nobody has ever been and let explore the immense sea of the altrove.

OPENING EVENT :  13.05.2017  /  3 - 8 pm

Holland Park, Ilchester Place, London W8 6LU

13.05.2017 - 22.05.2017  /  11am-7pm daily

Admission Free  

Car park entrance: Abbotsbury Road, W14

In association with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea's Park Service

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