Photographer working in both new digital and traditional analog techniques, I explore the relationship between nature, body, movement, and identity through an experimental approach.

My concern is to re-imagine the human body and all my subjects, creating a suspended journey in a "sensible world", where the senses dialog with the forms and where the stories and the "captured moments" leave space to a look on the invisible. In my work, all the subjects' forms are subverted, everything is dismembered and recomposed together, in continuous research of their own identity. 


Born in 1989 in Latina, Italy. 

While studying Cinema and Visual Arts at DAMS in Rome, he fell in love with the art of Photography, starting series Ratio and Requiem which were appreciated in 2011 by the world-famous photographer Mimmo Jodice. In the meantime, he enrolled at the State Institute for Cinema and Television "R. Rossellini" in Rome, where he studied film and digital photography. During this period, he had his first works exhibited in Rome.

Since 2012, Dario has continued his photographic and artistic research in London, exhibiting his work alongside the likes of Gabriele Basilico and Fernanda Zgouridi, until moving to Berlin, where he still resides.


2017 / Altrove / Ice House Gallery / London

2016 / Xmq of pit, ready for the mosh! / ArtVerona / Verona

2016 / RETHink / Art Festival / House of Culture / Rethymno

2016 / Summer Exhibition / Collective / Menier Gallery / London

2016 / Folio Fridays / Collective / The Photographers' Gallery / London

2014 / Boundless / Collective / Camden Image Gallery / London

2012 / Cine Tv - Fotografia / Collective / Roma Photo Show / Rome 

2011 / Identità / Collective / Ex-Mattatoio di Testaccio / Rome 

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